Hello lorem ipsum!

Number ten? Number ten? You got it?

=If you don’t care about the “talking ’bout myslef’ part, search for [123], where is the… next part. Hahahaha.

Welcome or something like that, now that Dragon Shishi ZSKnight (a random stuff made influenced by ZSNES -one if his developers- and other things here and there)

Anyway, so what’s this errmm… blog about? Anything and nothing at the same time! I’t just me, your fellow indie game maker rambling and throwing garbage at your face haha -no, that’s not true. Anyway, I’m that friendly, oh dear!

Pardon me then, I’m being stupid.

So, this blog is about anything I do that has some connection with the game making universe. Yay! I’m mainly spriter, but I have some other hobbies you know! Like, making pathetic intends to script (I made some, but anyway, I’m not that confident by now aha!), or trying to advance at my musical composition skills (which are, by now, near zero, but anyway, I’m kind of hard worker -or maybe someone that’s silly enough to leave the stuff where he has no talent, I have faith in human capabilities -and I’m human, so I have faith on myself hahaha–).

ANYWAY! This is a lorem ipsum-ish post if you don’t knew right naw! I’m throwing stuff making a presentation or something like that.

Ah, by the way, I’m not native english speaker. So if there are (loads of) flaws here and there, well… make as if it’s “perfectly” written. Heh. Even on my native I have communication problems (my mind is very chaotic in therms of not being organized).


[123] Following on our schedule (?), you may wonder “yeah, he said (I did) that he’s an indie game developer”. And well, that’s true, in some way. I’m not a programmer, nor even do any income or anything from it. Maybe I would said that I’m an amateur, but indie is about being independent, not about profit (at least the rough meaning hahah).

What I do are RPGs. I’m a genre lover. I’m not closed to FinalFantasy-esque games though, even if I like them, and other Square/soft/Enix games. I like from wRPGs to jRPGs, both genres have their pros and cons.

(As you don’t know me, I’m saying it once. I throw my own philosophies in here. Everything here is my opinion, even if it is “imported or not. Some things are just my personal thoughts, other are stuff I’ve read and that I find to be correct -maybe I ignore something, but anyway, no one is the ultimate know it all-).

Ragnarokr X The dawn of the Dragon, At Fierro INN

Later I'll introduce this thing to you... at next post.

My own game, though, is a westernized japanese style RPG. It’s japanese styled because jRPGs are more focused on storytelling than roleplay itself. You play with a set of defined characters, they do their own decisions, what you do is to guide them from here to there. Nowadays it’s very popular to have players to choose between multiple choices, but that’s not roleplay at all it’s extent (well, making it at “all it’s extent” is near impossible by now hahahaha). Normally the character gives you choices based on his thoughts, emotions and personality. What I mean is that there’s no way to change or influence that part.

On wRPGs on the other hand, you can, and that’s why I’m on search of that westernization (?). Because I feel that making a character able to change as you wish can be enriching or something, you get a defined character, but that character will be influenced by you as you progress. Those “Good/Bad” stuff are part of it. It’s not that “powerful”, but it gives you some control over your character’s personality. Maybe that’s a VERY small detail, and even useless on some cases where that doesn’t makes any difference at the outcome of anything. But, for a strange guy like me (? dunno if I am really), that leaves me the space to interact with my character in some way and to feel better that I’m doing my roleplay. I’m a selfish “developer” haha.

Well, that’s it, the first writing in here, I hope you didn’t get sleepy after all of this, have a nice… night?

Orochii Zouveleki


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